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3934 3 Mile Rd NW
Walker, Michigan 49534

(easy-on, easy-off from I-96)
Phone: 616.735.3191
Fax: 616.735.3197

Overnight Lodging
$35 /night
Overnight Lodging 2nd Dog
Daycare (Full Day)
Daycare (Half Day)
Daycare Package

(pre-purchase five days and receive sixth day free)

by breed

(includes nail trim, ear cleaning, gland expression, bath, drying, and haircut to your liking)

Nail Trims
Nail Filing
Teeth Brushing
Deep Ear Cleaning
Gland Expression
Blueberry Facials

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PetVilla is a full-service pet care center offering lodging, grooming and daycare.

The best way to learn more about our facility and services is to stop by for a full tour. TOURS ARE WELCOME any time during business hours.

PetVilla is a human-and-canine family-owned local business. As dog owners that have lived and travelled all over the U.S., we have often found ourselves needing help caring for our dogs. It became our dream to open a safe and fun place where people like us would know their special dog will be well-loved and looked after.

PetVilla’s staff is trained in dog first aid, C.P.R. and dog behavior. Our number one priority is
to maintain a safe and healthy environment
for your pet.

It's easy! There are three steps to setting up your dog’s first appointment with PetVilla. Give us a call or stop by and we can walk you through the process.
  1. Call your veterinarian and have them fax current vaccination records. For all services, we require proof of current vaccinations from your vet. These include: rabies, distemper, and bordatella.

  2. Fill out our informational application.
    Please feel free to request the application be emailed or faxed to you.

  3. Discuss a socialization and general
    health screening.
All three of these steps can be completed the same day as your first appointment.
During your dog's visit with us at PetVilla, we strive to create routines during the day to help make them feel at home. Overnight lodgers are greeted each morning upon arrival and given individual potty time first thing, in our outdoor, fenced-in area. They are then separately fed breakfast and taken outside a second time.

Then the fun begins!

As daycare dogs begin to arrive, both lodging and daycare dogs are placed in specialized play groups. There are multiple play areas to ensure that dogs playing together get along well. There are also special areas for seniors to relax and puppies to romp.

Through the morning, all the dogs play together and are taken outside in groups for fresh air and potty time.
  Around noon, dogs that eat lunch are separated for feeding and then rejoin the play groups.

The afternoon is time to play! Dogs play with staff and other dogs throughout the afternoon, with lots of potty breaks and outdoor time. In the evening, Daycare dogs are picked up and overnight lodgers are fed dinner. Each dog is then let outside a few more times to make sure that they are comfortable through the night.

Then it's time for bed! Overnight lodgers sleep in PetVilla's dens with a dog cot and any blankets, pillows, treats and toys brought for their stay.

Good Night!
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